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In 1963, in Forest Hills, New York, Donte opened his own factory making hair for use in all men’s and women’s systems and wigs. In 1965, Donte opened for Men Only LTD., with two successful locations in both Forest Hills and Manhattan. In 1973, Donte won the International Hairpiece Design Manufacturing & Styling Award at the Statler Hilton in New York City. In 1999, Donte opened Donte's of New York in Scottsdale, AZ and it runs as a family business.

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Look 10 Years Younger

10 years younger

If you don’t have the genes for a perfect head of hair that’s where Donte’s of New York, Ltd. comes into play. Let us be your one-stop shop for male and female hair loss and thinning hair.

Men's and women's hair treatment in Phoenix is a specialized service that is sought after by clients throughout the Valley. They come to Donte's for the talent and skill of our highly trained and experienced hair technicians. Our hair technicians provide superior service and use the finest human hair extensions to avoid damage to your own hair.

The choice of products for hair replacement or extensions is important to preserve the health and integrity of your hair. Most products using glue or sewing cause permanent damage to the surrounding hair and these methods can actually increase hair loss. Our center uses only products that cause no damage to the natural hair for women's and men's hair treatment in Phoenix.

At Donte's of New York, we provide exceptional service and the techniques and product used are selected specifically for the individual client, including hair type, color, quality and texture. This attention to detail allows us to ensure an end result that is flawless and complete customer satisfaction.

More About Donte

Donte is an international award winning expert bringing his talent in women's and men's hair replacement to Scottsdale at Donte's of New York. In addition to providing the latest trends and precision cuts and color, Donte's of New York is known throughout the Valley as a leader for hair replacement and hair extensions in Scottsdale for an immediate hair loss solution.

10 years younger

If you are considering hair extensions or women's and men's hair replacement in Scottsdale, please browse our website to learn more about Donte's services.

We offer a free consultation for hair replacement or hair extensions in our Scottsdale center.

For answers to your questions or to schedule an appointment, please call Donte's of New York at 480-483-8800.

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