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Donte's of New York is the premier Hair Loss Treatment Center in Arizona. Our experienced team provides exceptional services for all of your hair loss treatments, hair replacement and hair extensions.

If you're one of millions of people who lose their hair for medical or hereditary reasons, and want a natural way to achieve the look you want without medications or surgery, then contact Donte's of New York. You'll look great without compromising your lifestyle. With Donte's Hair Replacement / Hair Extension solutions, you can have luxurious, natural looking hair.

Donte & Carly

Services Provided

  • Full Supply of Wigs for Chemotherapy Patients
  • Effective Hair Loss Solutions
  • Laser Hair Treatments
  • Hair Replacement Services
  • Hair Extensions — 100% human hair, non-damaging, no adhesives, no braiding, no sewing
  • Hair Loss Treatments
  • Micropoint Solutions — Links (add 4 hairs to just one of your own) and Accents (add fullness to the top of your head)
  • On-premises Hair Replacement Repairs
  • Full line of hair replacement products including-tapes, adhesives, hair care, etc.
  • Hair Coloring Services
  • Keratin Treatment
  • Haircut and styling for all hair loss replacement services including hair extensions
  • All of our services are done in 100% privacy

Service Details

Whether your hair is thinning or you have complete hair loss, your dedicated technician can match you with your personal best solution to help you look and feel great.

You'll get a natural look with men's and woman's hair replacement, hair extensions, wigs, or micro point solutions that look just like your hair. They can even be cut or styled to the way you normally wear your hair.

Welcome to Donte's of New York. We are the premier Hair Loss Treatment Center providing effective non-surgical women's and men's hair replacement & hair extension solutions for thinning hair. Our hair technicians provide highly specialized services to clients in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa and surrounding areas of Arizona.

In addition to extensions and hair replacement solutions, we offer a full line of hair replacement products. We carry men's and women's hair treatment products, hair extension products, and hair replacement products, including adhesives, tapes, hair system repairs are provided on premises, hair care products, and much more. Please browse our website to learn more about Donte's of New York and the products and services we offer to our clients

Hair Extensions


Only get extensions that are 100% human hair and non-damaging. There is no glue, braiding, or sewing! Get the highest quality hair and application methods.

Results You Can See!

If you haven't felt like yourself since your hair started thinning, it's time that you became you again with a Hair Replacement / Hair Extension solution from Donte's.